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Quite A Few Gameplay Tweaks Have Been Made Such As Madden 18

Patches play an important role in the game, especially for one of the most popular football video gameplay, Madden NFL 18. This game also released some patches, in order to fix many common issues, and then make more players satisfied during playing the game. Until now, EA Sports released a new patch for Madden NFL 18 that contains a number of fixes, updates, and tweaks to improve balance and playability. For patches information for this game, read more at official website.


The game came out back on August 25th. The game is the first time that EA had each mode completely overhauled to run on Dice's Frostbite game engine. Two fixes have also been made to the Franchise mode, mostly revolving around some minor scheduling issues, but it was nothing too serious that would impact the enjoyment of the game. The new patch is live right now for anyone who owns the game, and should see the changes the next time they hop into a game of Madden NFL 18.



Quite a few gameplay tweaks have also been made, including modifying the zone coverage to increase break-on-throw times, and decreasing the effectiveness of ball carrier moves. If you were hoping for fixes, updates or modifications for the highly talked about Longshot mode, the developers didn't touch it. The feedback from a lot of gamers have been positive of the title so far, but not every NFL player has been happy with their ratings in this year's iteration.


You can pick up Madden NFL 18 right now for PS4 and Xbox One. Among the new features is Longshot, the Franchise's first campaign mode. Longsot takes players through an emotional, immersive and cinematic game-play experience. The brand-new mode features branching dialogue, high school and 7v7 football play, and new game-play mechanics. Admittedly, players are in need of buying madden mobile coins and mut 18 coins.

You May Should Get An Advantage In Madden 18 If You Come To U4GM

Previously, regarding Madden NFL 18's the overall enhancements, EA talked this topic. At the same time, EA also notes that cinematics and gameplay footage will look more seamless than ever. If you are eager to play the Madden 18, and it's worth downloading the new update to ensure the game looks better than before. Many fans has noticed that, they are so excited for Madden 18. Is it worth buying madden 18 coins from U4GM?



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It will seem like EA are literally making a real effort to move Madden with the right direction. Relocating to the Frostbite Engine was obviously a great decision while it worked wonderfully for last year's FIFA. That brings us to our next point, the story mode. The story mode from Madden that sees you're going from newbie to all star looks be produced in a similar style and many of us right here at U4GM are very excited to have our hands onnit.


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EA Does A Lot Game Like Madden 18 And There Are Changes And Tweaks

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The Following Is Madden 18's Detailed Information

Relocating Your Team: You can already do that, but it really would be a lot cooler if you have more control to pick any location, any name and also go as far to build your personal logo and uniform.


Story Mode: To be fair, Madden is constantly stacked with game modes, but revealed that you can have a story mode in any sport games and also have it be entertaining. We would love to see this same style of mode implemented to the Madden series.


Better Pump Fake: The pump fake needs to be a feature that once handled right could be devastating, but it has never been handled by doing this. Games like FIFA and 2K's NBA series do the pump fake right. Playing as the QB and being able to pump fake better will be awesome.


Make Your Own Play: It was actually awesome doing this way back in Madden 18 also to see it return might be a great deal of fun. Sure your play would need to fit into certain NFL guidelines, but wrecking a person online will be even more satisfying if you did it using one of your own plays.


EA emphasizes on that we do a lot games such as Madden 18 and there's a lot of changes and tweaks that we make available as part of the new iterations. That said, sport games would be more of a story-based game. The updates may likely add more content to its single-player mode like Madden NFL 18's Longshot mode. Madden NFL 18 can be played in 4K Ultra HD with HDR support, not to mention the game runs very smoothly. For more Madden 18 news and any further discussions, read more at here.

There's A Fresh Round Of Titles That Carry New Modes: Madden 18's Longshot

Many players stated that they spent too much time on playing Madden 18, but they are never tired of playing this game again and again. One of players said: " having spent too much time playing countless hours of Madden 18, and the game was the most fun that I have ever had with any of the game's titles." Like FIFA 18, the load times were brief and you were able to jump right into the action with little down-time.



Madden NFL 18 has been confirmed to be receiving enhancements with Microsoft's latest console, The Xbox One X. Madden NFL 18 launched a couple months back in August for PS4 and Xbox One. If you play EA's sports games often, you know the drill: every summer there's a fresh round of titles that carry new modes, gameplay tweaks and roster updates. As we know, Longshot is a beautiful and brand new story mode. Are you expecting to know more this mode's information? Click here to know.


EA doesn't have to ship as many physical copies, and you might not have to wait for an entirely new game just to try a mode that could have easily been included in a patch or a lower-priced add-on. Until now, many patches have been fixed many issues in the game. You should pay attention to official website U4GM, and then buy cheap coins from here, instead of buying expensive madden 18 coins and madden mobile coins.


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Do You Know The Game Styles Of Madden 18: New Additions And Changes

Do you know the game styles of Madden 18? Specifically, the game show three game styles, respectively, Competitive, Simulation and Arcade. Madden 18 could be the first game this generation where everything comes together into a cohesive whole. We've seen continued improvements in the game of football, until now, the developers have been made a series of improvements. Today, let's take a look at this game's three game styles:



Only AI players with the big hitter trait can hit stick
There's a decreased chance of offensive wins in multiplayer catch outcomes, such as throwing to covered receiver
There's a significantly lower chance of a dropped catch when a receiver is considered wide open and has a good catch rating
Going for an interception with a wide open defensive player who has a good catch rating leads to a significantly-lower chance of them dropping the ball
Throwing from a clean pocket with the QB's feet set reduces the chance of an inaccurate pass, providing they have a good pass accuracy rating based on the throw type and that you’re not using any passing mechanics


Fatigue and stamina have bigger impacts on gameplay
Injuries and penalties occur at a rate on par with real-world NFL statistics and data
Expect the unexpected – even highly-rated players have a slim chance of failure on occasion
New pass inaccuracy system allows more realistic performances from lower-rated quarterbacks
Players with elite ratings will be successful far more often than those with ratings below the elite level


Chance of throwing interceptions as a user is lower
User-controlled pass rushers frequently beat their blocks
Broken tackles and ball carrier fake-outs are commonplace
User hit sticks and strip-ball attempts will be highly successful
Spectacular catches occur frequently, especially by elite players
Can kick longer field goals and there's higher chance to block kicks when on defense.

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Madden 18: The Major Changes Is That Developers Added Logic On Game Styles


Madden NFL 18 is one of the video game titles, to those eager to buy the game. they can purchase madden 18 coins and madden mobile coins in advance as soon as possible. A new update is now live in Madden NFL 18 which focuses on some pretty major gameplay changes. EA published the update on Nov. 21, click here to know the full patch notes. By the way, players who want to get their hands on the latest Madden NFL 18 must take advantage of the big sale on Black Friday.



In the latest update, one of the major changes is that developers added logic on all game styles so that players who manage to perform a "Perfect Kick" will no longer be kick-blocked. To execute this move, Kick Power must be at 100 percent while the accuracy meter must be stopped within the kicker's accuracy window."


What's more, to those players who use the move " Pump Fake" often, it is now controlled with the left stick. Before, "Pump Fake" was controlled by pushing the right stick up. Hence, it might take a while to get used to. The reason for this was to remove players' tendency to execute a "Pump Fake" accidentally when trying to throw the ball away. More other major updates in gameplay, and you need to focus on U4GM at any time, we will irregularly update these update.


Madden is an exercise in iteration. Madden 18 feature a Longshot mode, where you make the decisions and play in a scripted story mode. We've got a trailer showing off all the new improvements that we should expect out of this year's iteration. The biggest selling point of Madden 18, beyond the story mode Longshot, seems to be the clearly defined game styles, Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive. Are you looking forward to buying mut coins and madden coins?


There Are Few Better Feelings Than Playing The Madden 18: Major Changes


There are few better feelings than playing the Madden 18. The new Madden 18 patch contains stability improvements for Franchise mode, on gameplay, MUT, Misc as well as Franchise and so on, there are the full list, and you can go to website now to know these patch notes. In this NFL season, the developers are now working on making more tweaks and changes. This year's Madden 18 is relatively successful, in the next year, fans will be able to see more something new.



About what you would expect, and we will also try ours best to meet your expectations and needs. There are no concrete plans for this change to take place in the near future but clearly the big picture suggests Madden will become a living, breathing entity on the video game cloud sometime in the not to distant future - along with it's fellow sports games in the NBA, NHL, MLB and FIFA.


In Madden 18, Many Major Updates In Gameplay Include:
Adjusted logic around QB contain defensive assignment
Fixed an issue that removed the VICIS helmets from offline CFM
Adjusted pass blockers being hurdled too frequently by defenders
Adjusted logic around QB contain defensive assignment, and tuned to improve tackling ball carriers during broken tackle animations.


EA is trying to expand the game's modes and features, based on players that appear in Madden 18, Madden 18 is bound to be the one of the most popular football simulation video game. Madden NFL 18 is one of the video game titles to be included in the Black Friday Sale. For more Madden 18 news and any further discussions, you can visit our Mdden NFL 18 page: