Quite A Few Gameplay Tweaks Have Been Made Such As Madden 18

Patches play an important role in the game, especially for one of the most popular football video gameplay, Madden NFL 18. This game also released some patches, in order to fix many common issues, and then make more players satisfied during playing the game. Until now, EA Sports released a new patch for Madden NFL 18 that contains a number of fixes, updates, and tweaks to improve balance and playability. For patches information for this game, read more at official website.


The game came out back on August 25th. The game is the first time that EA had each mode completely overhauled to run on Dice's Frostbite game engine. Two fixes have also been made to the Franchise mode, mostly revolving around some minor scheduling issues, but it was nothing too serious that would impact the enjoyment of the game. The new patch is live right now for anyone who owns the game, and should see the changes the next time they hop into a game of Madden NFL 18.



Quite a few gameplay tweaks have also been made, including modifying the zone coverage to increase break-on-throw times, and decreasing the effectiveness of ball carrier moves. If you were hoping for fixes, updates or modifications for the highly talked about Longshot mode, the developers didn't touch it. The feedback from a lot of gamers have been positive of the title so far, but not every NFL player has been happy with their ratings in this year's iteration.


You can pick up Madden NFL 18 right now for PS4 and Xbox One. Among the new features is Longshot, the Franchise's first campaign mode. Longsot takes players through an emotional, immersive and cinematic game-play experience. The brand-new mode features branching dialogue, high school and 7v7 football play, and new game-play mechanics. Admittedly, players are in need of buying madden mobile coins and mut 18 coins.